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Trying to begin a blog. Using WordPress is difficult. A purchased site that tells you creating a blog is easy. Not so.Help!!!

I want to tell others about this site but not going to if I’m not able to use.

My goal is to everyday post something- a mixture of family tree items with family news.

Well here is first Family Tree (FT) item. FT items will include tidbits of family connections and history including birthdates/deathdates etc.

Please comment and send me recollections and FT questions.

OK here is first FT item:

Alice Ginty Rehall was Nana’s (Elizabeth Frances) sister who married John Rehall on Septem 19,1905

Alice was born in October 1978. She died in 1913 when she was 35. Her death certificate shows death resulted from”melancholia following death of mother (Annie Barker Ginty)”

Hang on. More to follow


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