Connect with Family Trees

Besides the fun of discovering new items for the family tree and continuously updating the tree, I am able also to make connections with people who are keeping their own tree that overlaps with my tree. Recently a Maureen wrote me to wonder if there is a family connection in the Ginty family with her family. Sure enough we have found a connection between our two trees and we’ll continue to explore connections. I’m sure there will be lots of connections discovered. Working the is a way to discover these connections.

The connection Maureen and myself are exploring is the Alice Catherine Ginty (Anna’s sister and our great aunt) and her husband John Rehall. Maureen married into the Rehall family.Alice and John had at least one son Henry and we’re researching Maureen’s connection to that family.

You would be surprised how many people are connected through family or just living and doing business with a family member. I’m reminded of my friend Chris Ford who over the many years he has lived in Cohasset has bought lumber and other products from Hingham. Lumber, a major lumber yard owned and operated by the McNultys of Hingham. The business goes back to the beginning by Raymond McNulty who was the husband of Gertrude McGarty-sister of our grandfather William Francis McNulty.

More later……..

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