William McGarty’s Side

I’m relying on Dorothea and Harold Shine’s wonderful genealogy work for much of the “McGarty Tree”. The Shines gave to many of us a printed copy of their research titled “The Murphy Family Tree”. Their detailed research takes us back to the descendant tree of Anton(Michael)Bartelmess If you have a copy of the Shine work then you can really go back in time to check out the lineage of the McGarty family.

And at times I’ll post more history of the McGarty side of the family. For now, I’m listing below the McGarty family as it was on Christmas Day in Millville,MA in 1890.From what I gather John McGarty worked for U.S. Rubber and was raising his family with his wife and best friend, Anna Justina Bartelmess McGarty. Around the Christmas tree that 1890 there were gifts for the children.

These were: William Francis (12); Thomas Henry (9); James Joseph (5); and Annie Winifred (2). Gertrude Elizabeth would be born in October of 1891. The family celebrated the holidays with many other families in their house along the Blackstone River. (Nowadays the town of Millville and surrounding towns and river are all part of the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. A very worthwhile drive and visit for all).

William Francis would go on to marry Elizabeth Ginty in 1903 in Malden, Ma. And as we know their daughter Gertrude became the mother of the Murphy children- more about them later.

(To be cont.)

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