William Joseph or Willam Francis

“Grandpa Bill ” as he was known to us Murphy’s. We visited Grandpa And Nana’s little farm when we were kids on summer vacation. I think their property was on Commercial St. just before you entered into Hingham. We were so fortunate to grow with chicks and hens and fresh eggs and his corn and tomatoes that we offered for sale right out on the street. Wow I imagine we could entertain ourselves with caterpillars and fireflys. And of course there were mice and cats and a big white Shepard that left us one night never to return alive. I remember Grandpa having him returned to us by someone who found him dead out by the railroad tracks. I learned then that old dogs would just leave when they somehow knew that they were sick enough to die.

Getting grandpa into the family tree has proved difficult at times due to the problem that in one report he could be listed as a William Francis or in another report he show up as a William Joseph -depending on who filled out the report. I have plenty of records showing either middle name. For what reason one can only guess. Today I’m sticking with William Joseph as it is in the Marriage Register for the city of Cambridge for February 4, 1903. His address is 203 Adams in Malden. Of course he married on that day Elizabeth Ginty of 99 Norfolk, Cambridge. Both sets of parents show up in the register.(JohnMcGarty and Annie Bartelmess for William and for Elizabeth the record shows Michael Ginty and Annie Barker) . The date for marriage registration shows as a Tuesday. Hopefully, further research of weddings will tell about the ceremony.

Well, enough for now…….

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