One place to start!

I guess the goal of all genealogists is to research the family lineages in order to get to the “first” one of us all. Certainly that can have religious thrust or as it is nowadays it can have the scientific angle. I think that I’m using both goals as I build the”tree” but given that the tree I’m working on is only going back to the first half of the eighteen hundreds. With so many years missing if anyone has any clues to earlier connections- be them religious or DNA – then please let me know.

Right now, the data I have shows that one part of the tree has a link to the Bartelmess family from Bayelern, Bavaria, Germany. The first fellow we got a record of is an Anthony who was born about 1840. And somehow he comes to Boston and meets his bride to be Fredericka Carolina Rolleg. They marry on October 31, 1863 in Boston. By the way, Fredericka came to Boston in 1838 from Germany (Stadt Lungefeld, S.W.E. ,Germany).

Thanks to Harold and Dorothea for the above information on the Bartelmess side of the family. The “Bartelmess” name has throughout out history been found to be spelled differently. Somewhere along the way the family tree-researchers have set upon a spelling that seems acceptable by all official parties. Of course, the “correct name problem”has plagued all genealogists from the beginning of time. Record keepers from the beginning often put down what they thought they heard. Keep in mind that the first folks who got married or who travelled or who “signed-up” for military service had to tell the record keeper what they thought their name was. Lucky for us someone in the family learned writing and eventually could write their grand mother’s name down. Certainly this went along way in getting”it” write-I mean right.

Before I forget it, Anton and his lovely Bride Fredericka settled in and around Malden, MA. and began their family which eventually grew to five children. These five children had lots of children who for the most part stayed in the Malden area and guess what- you got it- these children went on to have children. As they say- “Ontogeny proceeds phylogeny”! And you know what? It was a German who first said the preceding. Yes, Herr Ernst Haeckel is given credit by Wikipedia as the person who captured the whole thing about family tree research with his catchy phrase.

Oh yes, one of Anton and Fredericka’s children was Anna Justina ( born in Fremont, NY in 1853). She went on to marry a John McGarty and lo and behold their third child born was our William (Joe or Fran) McGarty. And William, or “Willie” as he was known, married Elizabeth Ginty in -you guessed it – Malden,Ma. I’ll stop here with lots more to follow you can be sure. But given that most of the info included in this post comes from Harold and Dorothea Shine’s excellent genealogy research let’s all give them a big thanks!

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