Middle Names……..

With about 400 members in the Murphy Family Tree with a variety of names and with lots of these names coming from someone’s ancestor- I think.

I remember recent family debates about whose middle name is attached to just whom. This debate is easy to settle with present day members of our tree, but for those in the past we can just surmise the origin of the middle name.which. What follows is a list of a few of deceased members of our family with their middle name attached to someone I guess is where the middle name comes from. Be assured I welcome your own ideas about this element of the past.

Here goes with a few to get this process started….

George Bartholomew Murphy-son of John Henry and Ellen Cavanaugh. Her father’s name was Bartholomew.

Helen Agnes Graziani-daughter of JH and Ellen. She took the middle name of Agnes from her Aunt Agnes- Ellen’s sister.

William Paul Murphy, George and Helen’s brother and an uncle of the Murphys. He got his middle name from another sibling of Ellen- William Cavanaugh.

Grandpa Bill Francis McGarty I assume was named after a cousin born earlier than Grandpa to his Uncle John Barthelmess and aunt Amelia Somer. My guess here could be questioned because Grandpa’s father John McGarty could have had a brother Francis.

I’m stopping here with this name linkage idea. Future posts will return to this guessing game. Present day relatives have lot to offer here given that they might know the origin of their middle name. If not they can ask a parent and submit their information. At the least it will be added to the family tree and certainly a future post will have more to report on middle names.

And future posts will link surnames with ancestor names where possible. Feel free to submit your thoughts on this matter. Nick names are also relevant information to be included in a post.

About blog posts-everyone is welcomed and encouraged to tell me an idea for a post or even write one themselves and send it to me for publication on my blog. This WordPress blog can be subscribed to by going to WordPress site. Or send your idea to me: bmur88@gmail.com

I’ve been writing family tree ideas that Have been discovered. And please feel free to correct or add any “fact” that you think needs correction.

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