Equal Protection Clause for All

Judge Kavanaugh was right when he answered a question from Senator Kamala Harris that no law exists in the United States that tells males what men can and cannot do with their bodies. But over the years for a mixture of political and ideological reasons male legislators had considered controlling women’s right to decide whether to have a baby or not to have a baby is a legislator’s given right and obligation. That is for the most part male legislators, state and federal, have passed laws that literally control women’s right to do with their bodies AS THEY CHOOSE.

Along came the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade that halted the male legislator’s need to control women’s right to decide how their should be used. Of course, I know historically not all males, legislators or otherwise , have thought it best to control women’s choice of how their bodies would or should be used.If anyone doubts the effects of what could happen if males obtain full control of women then they should watch the TV series “The Handmaiden’s Tale”. A story with alarming results for women.

Until Roe vs. Wade, no amount of true stories of terrible outcomes of unsafe and “illegal” abortions seemed to affect the believers that males know best when it comes to women’s right to decide. No top notched lawyer could even find a way to use the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to argue the terrible injustice women lived with. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness just wasn’t going to be made available to women. The power to say so was the male’s choice.

Now, if the males who want to return to the “good ol days” have their way female citizens of the US could lose any rights they had to deciding how their bodies would be used. This is how it will work for these males who want a return of the”good ol days”. They will tell their legislators, male or female, “that to stay in your elected office you MUST vote for “Judge” Kavanaugh”.And upon his nomination and affirmative Senate vote, there will soon be put before the Supreme Court a case that represents a challenge to the Roe vs. Wade decision. A decision that represented women’s right to decide in what way they want to use their bodies. Brett Kavanaugh will sit as a white male “Justice” with the POWER to throw out the earlier decision that honored women’s right to decide. Mr. Kavanaugh is too risky for the right of equal protection for all to decide how and why their body will be used. Tell your Senator to honor women’s equal protection rights to decide. Tell males to honor women with real equality!

From Bill Murphy

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