Get out the Vote……..

Whatever anybody’s politics might be, I have to think the everybody wants to see a higher eligible voter turnout for all elections. Oh yes, there are campaign strategists who might see a benefit for their candidate(s) if voters stay home and not vote-either absentee or on site at the polling stations. Also, we have heard about TV ads that spread propaganda that tell voters that that with no differences between the candidates then they might as well stay home and not vote.

Checking the available stats for recent presidential elections you’ll see the following numbers: 2004–60.4%; 2008–62.3%; 2012–57.5%. These figures indicate that about 40% of eligible voters chose to forfeit their right to vote for the leader of the USA who most likely will be for all citizens the president who supposedly was “duly” elected. Come on! Woe is us! Let’s face it, this so call “duly” elected politician could have been elected by only about 32% of those eligible voters. And as president he/she will administer policies and influence the passage of laws that affect all citizens of the US and  as well the rest of the world.

Of course these numbers don’t show how the eligible voter turnout affected each state in regards to their respective state vote for electoral vote for president. (This inane election method has to looked at as well.)

But I’ll take it that the missing 40% turnout was seen across each of the states and thus electoral college differences for states was not a factor in electoral college results for these presidential election years. Further analysis could show that in the last election where Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college outcome. And this outcome was perhaps affected by the 40% missing eligible voters. Particularly if the false propaganda spread of “no difference between the candidate did keep people from voting in states with close electoral college outcomes. Again Woe is us!

Thus, I think time has come for the great USA to change the voter outcome situation. My research of the future shows that nothing is in the works that will change the voter turnout for the 2020 presidential election. Thus, why not right now, have the US Congress begin to seek and to develop a vote incentive plan that should move us off the 40% “no vote” to a goal of 90-95% voter turnout. This figure would truly begin to represent the one person one vote–the underpinning of our great”democracy”.

So here’s my idea: everybody’s vote in the 2020 presidential final election will qualify the voter for a tax write off of $2020 for educational costs purposes for themselves or for their children.

Where the voter uses the short tax form or have no “education costs” to apply the rebate they could apply for a $2020 federal rebate that could be used for a variety of purposes, medical, housing and education bills either for themselves or for their children or grandchildren. This idea would be a mixture of voter incentive plan with a sensible way of helping people who live with debt.

Of course, there are details to be worked out with my voter incentive plan. But besides working out details, let’s see if someone else has a voting incentive idea. I don’t see any others now other than some thinking that “mandating” voting at the cost of a fine for not voting. Good luck with trying to enforce a ” mandate” on voters. An incentive that offers a financial benefit that in the long run assists with debts and helps all voters economically I think we all win

As for the cost of this proposal, I’m leaving the figuring out to others. My $2020 amount has a symbolic value as well as being high enough to make people think about the value of their vote. I’m sure that cost cutters will suggest a lower figure that could be shown as more affordable. But as they do, let’s hope they consider the incredible expense of having 40% percent of eligible voters refusing to vote.

Give this idea some thought please and Get out the vote!

Thanks for reading my blog piece.

Blog by Bill

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