Get Ready to Vote……..

My last blog “Get out the Vote” put forth the idea that there should be a government financed incentive program that I now call the “National Defense Voter Incentive Program”. Since I received neither support nor opposition to my idea I’ll go with the idea that possibly I’m onto something. And the beauty of blogs is that we all can and should put forth ideas that should or could be for the betterment of all of us in the good ol’ U.S.of A .

Well here is another voter idea that I can’t take credit for but I fully endorse and I can’t see why why it isn’t fully adopted in all of the fifty states. This idea is the Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) that streamlines the way we all register to vote. AVR provides instant voter registration for all citizens who do any business with government agencies. For example, AVR makes voter registration an “opt out” instead of “opt in” requirement. Eligible citizens who interact with government agencies are registered to vote or have their existing registration information updated- unless they affirmatively decline! You do business with a government agency you are a voter unless you say no.

Couple this AVR idea with the National Voter Incentive idea and “wow” -voter rates should double. Now who would be against these ideas? Well, as it is only 13 states and DC have approved the AVR and no state has adopted the Idea of a voter incentive program.

The AVR idea is advancing in many state legislatures and those who follow voter reforms think significant gains will be made this year.

So let’s give eligible citizens the ease of registration and,as well, provide a real incentive to carrying out their civic duty with the “National Defense Incentive”. Let’s face if folks, voting is probably our only equalizer in this great democracy of ours. GET OUT THE VOTE!


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