The Ginty side of the Family-part one………………..

As I study and present the different branches of the Murphy tree I realize more and more how interesting each of the families that make our tree were and continue to be.

This blog edition begins to present the Ginty family- the family of our “Nana”, the mother of Gertrude McGarty Murphy. Nana, as she was called by the Murphy children, was Elizabeth Frances Ginty before she married William McGarty on January 28, 1903 in Malden, Massachusetts. A year later, on March 22, Nana’s daughter was born and named Gertrude Anna ( one other birth record shows that her name was Anna Gertrude) and a few years later a second child,a son, was born to Elizabeth and William McGarty and he was named John Robert (b. June 21, 1906).

The Ginty family of Cambridge, Ma. begins with Michael A. Ginty who arrived from Ireland (County Meath) as a young boy. I’ve inserted here a photo of his obituary which provides a brief description of Michael Edward Ginty’s life:

As you read this obituary from 1920, you read that Michael A. Ginty ,age 76,, my great grandfather, immigrated from Ireland when he was a youngster, fought in the Civil war as a young man, helped raise a family and was a Cambridge police officer for many years. Wow what a life!

One can only imagine the life stories Michael A. Ginty told his children as they grew up in Cambridge at 99 Norfolk Avenue at the turn of the century.

As the obituary reports, three of his children were living at the time of Michael A.’s death. Our grandmother Elizabeth and her brothers William Barker and James H. attended the funeral. Of course, I assume that Elizabeth attended, but given the distance from Hingham to Cambridge, perhaps she was unable to travel to the service.

The funeral service was held at son James H.’s house in Cambridge with many police officers present. William Barker, son of Michael A., a police officer himself at the time of his father’s death, eventually became a captain of the police force. (I’ll write more about William B. in future blog piece).

Michael A. Ginty married Annie Barker in 1864-probably just before he went off to battle in the Civil War. There first child born Ellen was born in 1865 with their son James born in 1867. Elizabeth is born in 1871 with six others born later in the seventies. The Ginty family of Cambridge at the latter part of the century had arrived.

I’ll describe in greater detail in upcoming blog pieces the Gintys of Norfolk Avenue, Cambridge.

Again, if anyone has any family tree questions please raise these questions. Also, I send these blog pieces to individuals with email addresses that I have. Please send me any email addresses for anybody you think should be listed to receive my blogs.



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