A Big Happy Birthday to..

Brother George. Yes on October 17, 1936 mother Gertrude gave birth to our oldest brother who was named George Bartholomew Murphy by Gertrude and George Sr.

As we know, ” George” became known as “Georgie” by his family and friends.And I know that we all wish him “Georgie” a big “happy birthday” this October 17th and certainly wish many more happy birthdays to our wonderful brother, uncle, brother in law and great friend.

Searching the Murphy family tree and the branches of this tree for ancestors who George could have been named after, I find only one “George” possibility that might have been raised then by mom and dad when over a beer they reviewed the possible uncles who George the second (our Father George being the first) could have been named after.Lo and behold, in the Murphy family not one George-other than father George (and BTW who was he named after?) can be identified.

So let’s speculate who my father George Bartholomew was named after. I’ll guess that the “Bartholomew” was taken from the father of Ellen Cavanaugh who would be our father’s mother – Ellen, or Nellie Cavanaugh one of seven from Bangor, Maine who through some miracle met John Murphy and thus began the Murphys from New London.

Now, it could have happened that over that beer that Gertrude and George we’re enjoying, Gertrude suggested naming “Georgie” after an ancestor of hers on her father’s side named Anton Michael GEORGE Bartelmess from Saarland, Germany. My mother’s grandfather, A.M. George is considered the founding father of the McGarty-Bartelmess branch of the tree (a subject for another blog piece). And for Gertrude to have brought A.M.George up as a possible namesake, she would known lots about Anton Michael George from Saarland. Possible, but not likely.

Another possibility was that Gertrude and George had just seen a movie starring the famous actor George Murphy. (Middle name was Lloyd). George L. Born in 1902 couldn’t have been the namesake for George Sr. since he was born a couple years after the birth of GBM Sr. But alas, he was born in New Haven, Ct. and maybe he was the family favorite of the New London Murphy’s. And perhaps as well, Gertrude and George did develop a love for him after seeing him in his first movie, “Kid Millions” (1934). But you know, I tend to doubt all that happened. And, given that eventually George the actor went on to be the Republican Senator from California in 1964, I really doubt the our strong Democrat father would have thought much of him.

No, I am going to go with the “fact” that our brother, and great friend, was expected to carry on the name given to his father “George Bartholomew” And I believe he and Carol quite proudly passed “George Bartholomew” onto their son.

But I will continue searching for any other ” George” that could have been on Gertrude and George’s mind on October 17, 1936.

Happy Birthday George. Love you!


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