Amissville, Va. …..


A few blog thoughts as we travel Back to our Dunedin Florida home this week following a brief stay in Rhode Island. This trip was made so we could attend the wonderful 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Alice and Ed Connerty. A truly special time with lots of stories and great food with the many friends and relatives of the happy couple. A big thanks to the Connerty children for the memorable time had by all. Also, many thanks to Helen and Lee for hosting us during our stay. Helen and Lee true friends forever.

Although we did use the Amtrak auto-train to get us half the way to Rhode Island, we decided we would drive the whole way back to Florida. In doing this, we would made a stop to visit and stay for a couple of days in Amissville, Va. at Adair Ciolfi’s beautiful home. The view from the living room is a big enough reward, not to speak of the gracious hospitality and kindness of Adair and the friendship of Charley the dog.

Oh yes, we have stopped here a number of times over the years to visit Adair and Angela’s brother John. (John left this paradise two years ago and is truly missed by all). John loved all of his life with Adair and his daughter Angela here in the Amissville house. The vistas out the front window of the spectacular Blue Ridge mountains along with John’s favorite TV viewing room have always been a welcoming place to stay and relax.

Our visits here, go way back starting when all of us, Maia, Brendan, Phil and Jim, our dog Buffy, Angela and myself started out from Warwick, R.I. in our 74 red Volvo wagon on a cold early pre-winter night. Traveling through the night over and through the Appalachia and Allegheny hills and valleys on interstate 81 we safely arrived to enjoy breakfast with John, Adair and Angela. Besides some icy patches and lots of deer to watch out for, there were the numerous trucks traveling South or West. My memory of the trip now is skimpy but you can only imagine the moments of emotions that the young and old experienced in our Volvo.

For both Angela and myself this midpoint place has always offered us good rest, great food and late into the night conversations with Adair. For me Adair is always ready to answer our questions on Virginia history as well as on any other topics- her wonderful mind is better than any ol Wikipedia. And Adair, a fine cook, always makes sure we eat three full meals.

Yesterday, following our dinner meal it was Red Sox World Series time and with the Sox victory the day ended on a happy note. And I know that John, as well as Jim Ciolfi, were both there in spirit to share the moment. They both loved the Sox so much!

We’ll continue on tomorrow heading to North Carolina and a stay at the “Choice” brand of motel that serves our needs. But for sure, no place will ever compare with the Amissville- Ciolfi house.

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