Suggested Titles……..

Why not share my suggestions for reading I thought as I was looking at my Kindle library. Some are happy that evidence of my love of reading no longer is obvious as it used to be when I would bring home from local library or from Barnes and Noble or from the neighbors yard sale the books I thought I should read in order to prove to myself that I am a serious supporter of enlightenment. Lots of titles included recommended ones as well as those that seemed at the time of purchase that I would be in the “in crowd” and be able to state something of interest from my read of the book.

As I look now at those titles that remain in my holdings I see a variety of titles still linking with my present interests. For example I located a Nutshell Library Edition of Sherwin Cody’s “An Evening with Lincoln”. This 1945 copyright edition looks almost mint to me and I’m sure that besides me there are others very interested in this wonderful little book. Anything “Lincoln” captures my interest so I’ve read Dorothy Kearn’s “Lincoln Team of Rivals” and her insights into Lincoln’s strengths show that disagreements can have outcomes good for all.

Still remaining in my non-Kindle library are many books-those both read and unread. Being alive means having a curiosity that needs “answers” thus the books still around are those purchased or found to feed my curiosity. So having a thick book titled “The Art of Fermentation” by Sandor Ellis Katz has now been brought back out as I try to show wife Angela how with her assistance we’ll brew a better tasting of pear wine that nephew David and Uncle Lee will make. We’ll see!

This blog of mine could be a continuous review of books still found in boxes or even those found in my Kindle library.And I will bring to readers attention those suggested titles. As I see the use of blogs I realize how we all can share what we liked or didn’t like about a recent read.

I love reading!

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