Not for nothing………..

Three months ago on a sunny January afternoon I lost my ability to say anything. A had a stroke and for the rest of that day I could hear but I couldn’t say anything. In a matter of minutes I was transported to the local hospital by my Angela (wife and trained nurse). Her knowledge of the body having a hard time of it immediately went into police action mode and she got me in our vehicle and to the local hospital. Angela’s quick decision and actions probably saved me from extinction -if not from serious damage to my brain. (I will say here that friends and others have either been amazed with Angela’s quick action or have expressed doubt that Angela correctly thought it out and that she should have called 911 emergency service.)All I can is that I thank her for being smart and quick.

Anyway, from the time we arrived at the Dunedin hospital to two days later when I was discharged, I was the recipient of wonderful caring services, provided with love and interest of my well being. I felt immediately that everybody involved was going to make sure that whatever I needed I was going to get. My daughter and her partner not only saw what a first class hospital staff can do for a patient, but I know that since they had just moved to the town that they felt assured that they had access to a very good hospital.

The therapies and the medical services I received within a short time brought and restored me to a pre stroke condition- except for the aphasia I was experiencing. But I was assured that with time I get would get back most, if not all, of my reading, writing and communication skills. To say the least I was skeptical but certainly I would do whatever was necessary. I soon visited the stroke specialists who in all likelihood had seen worse cases. But they all eventually cleared me along with providing me with lots of precautions that I would have to be mindful of for the rest of life.

With speech I worked with an outstanding therapist who quickly encouraged me to get back to the reading and writing as I was doing pre-stroke. Again, I didn’t think I would ever return to writing the email messages or the notes to friends , or letters to editors, or to Angela. But I was encouraged to keep trying. And, so here I am- with my first blog piece since January.

Thanks to all friends and family who wished me well and encouraged me. Thanks to Maia and Trey who watched over me and of course the dogs who had a sense that they could nurse me back to health. Thanks to son Brendan and Monica and Leeloo and Maverick who from far away and rooted and cheered their “poppy” on!

To the doctors, specialists and nurses at Dunedin Hospital thanks to all. And as well to those after care stroke specialists who assured me that this stroke of mine, although scary, was was over! And to Elizabeth who assured me that I could,and should keep blogging, I thank very much.

And finally to my wife Angela and as my partner who made sure she got me to hospital right away. To her I give her my love and big hugs and kisses!

4 thoughts on “Not for nothing………..

  1. Bill, now you will be an even bigger pain in the ass asking for more strokes in golf!
    Glad to hear from you and your strong progress. Keep going.
    John Nagle


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