William Joseph or Willam Francis

“Grandpa Bill ” as he was known to us Murphy’s. We visited Grandpa And Nana’s little farm when we were kids on summer vacation. I think their property was on Commercial St. just before you entered into Hingham. We were so fortunate to grow with chicks and hens and fresh eggs and his corn and tomatoes that we offered for sale right out on the street. Wow I imagine we could entertain ourselves with caterpillars and fireflys. And of course there were mice and cats and a big white Shepard that left us one night never to return alive. I remember Grandpa having him returned to us by someone who found him dead out by the railroad tracks. I learned then that old dogs would just leave when they somehow knew that they were sick enough to die.

Getting grandpa into the family tree has proved difficult at times due to the problem that in one report he could be listed as a William Francis or in another report he show up as a William Joseph -depending on who filled out the report. I have plenty of records showing either middle name. For what reason one can only guess. Today I’m sticking with William Joseph as it is in the Marriage Register for the city of Cambridge for February 4, 1903. His address is 203 Adams in Malden. Of course he married on that day Elizabeth Ginty of 99 Norfolk, Cambridge. Both sets of parents show up in the register.(JohnMcGarty and Annie Bartelmess for William and for Elizabeth the record shows Michael Ginty and Annie Barker) . The date for marriage registration shows as a Tuesday. Hopefully, further research of weddings will tell about the ceremony.

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Connect with Family Trees

Besides the fun of discovering new items for the family tree and continuously updating the tree, I am able also to make connections with people who are keeping their own tree that overlaps with my tree. Recently a Maureen wrote me to wonder if there is a family connection in the Ginty family with her family. Sure enough we have found a connection between our two trees and we’ll continue to explore connections. I’m sure there will be lots of connections discovered. Working the Ancestry.com is a way to discover these connections.

The connection Maureen and myself are exploring is the Alice Catherine Ginty (Anna’s sister and our great aunt) and her husband John Rehall. Maureen married into the Rehall family.Alice and John had at least one son Henry and we’re researching Maureen’s connection to that family.

You would be surprised how many people are connected through family or just living and doing business with a family member. I’m reminded of my friend Chris Ford who over the many years he has lived in Cohasset has bought lumber and other products from Hingham. Lumber, a major lumber yard owned and operated by the McNultys of Hingham. The business goes back to the beginning by Raymond McNulty who was the husband of Gertrude McGarty-sister of our grandfather William Francis McNulty.

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William McGarty’s Side

I’m relying on Dorothea and Harold Shine’s wonderful genealogy work for much of the “McGarty Tree”. The Shines gave to many of us a printed copy of their research titled “The Murphy Family Tree”. Their detailed research takes us back to the descendant tree of Anton(Michael)Bartelmess If you have a copy of the Shine work then you can really go back in time to check out the lineage of the McGarty family.

And at times I’ll post more history of the McGarty side of the family. For now, I’m listing below the McGarty family as it was on Christmas Day in Millville,MA in 1890.From what I gather John McGarty worked for U.S. Rubber and was raising his family with his wife and best friend, Anna Justina Bartelmess McGarty. Around the Christmas tree that 1890 there were gifts for the children.

These were: William Francis (12); Thomas Henry (9); James Joseph (5); and Annie Winifred (2). Gertrude Elizabeth would be born in October of 1891. The family celebrated the holidays with many other families in their house along the Blackstone River. (Nowadays the town of Millville and surrounding towns and river are all part of the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. A very worthwhile drive and visit for all).

William Francis would go on to marry Elizabeth Ginty in 1903 in Malden, Ma. And as we know their daughter Gertrude became the mother of the Murphy children- more about them later.

(To be cont.)

45 Crescent Ave

The 1910 US Census showed that the Murphy family lived at 45 Crescent Ave.

Ten Murphy’s occupied the house with John Henry the head (father) age 45.Mother Ellen J.,age 39. The rest of the family: Marion Elizabeth(16); Edward C. (14); Paul W. (12);George B. (10); John H jr. (8); Helen A. (6); Margaret L. (4); and Frank (12).

The list here includes father George B. And our uncles and aunts.

Must have been the liveliest Dorchester house in 1910. I’ll be sending more posts with descriptions of life in 1910 era. Lots of history was made in the decade of 1910 and decades to come.



I know it is necessary to provide clear information and after I sent the last blog I realized that I didn’t say that Annie C. Barker Ginty was the Murphy’s great grandmother on their mother Gertrude ‘s side.

Annie C. Barker Ginty was the wife of Michael Ginty. Annie Barker married Michael Ginty in 1864 when he was 20 years old.

Michael Ginty was born in Meath, Ireland in 1844. I’m searching for more family history for Michael.

Annie C.Barker Ginty

FT item: Annie is the Great Grandmother of the Murphy’s (George,Eleanor,Margaret,Bill,Alice,Helen). She was born in 1844 in Ireland and died in 1913 in Cohasset. Here is a copy of the death certificate with lots of information. Besides senility she was afflicted with phthisis. (Get out the dictionary)

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My goal is to everyday post something- a mixture of family tree items with family news.

Well here is first Family Tree (FT) item. FT items will include tidbits of family connections and history including birthdates/deathdates etc.

Please comment and send me recollections and FT questions.

OK here is first FT item:

Alice Ginty Rehall was Nana’s (Elizabeth Frances) sister who married John Rehall on Septem 19,1905

Alice was born in October 1978. She died in 1913 when she was 35. Her death certificate shows death resulted from”melancholia following death of mother (Annie Barker Ginty)”

Hang on. More to follow